Heartwood Bows
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Gallery of sold bows

Below is just a small selection of various bows I have made over the years for people. 
Above: sinew and gopher snake backed osage orange bow. 80# draw at 29"
Above: Sugar Maple bow with purple heart wood handle and tips. 38# draw at 28"
Ojibwa reproduction hickory bow
White oak bow with black maple handle riser and tips
Lakota replica sinew backed white ash bow with replica knot on a sinew string
Miwok/Mono style sinew backed juniper with sinew hook nocks. 
Shoshone/Ute style sinew backed juniper
Wintu reproduction sinew backed Pacific yew
Paiute reproduction sinew backed juniper bow, phragmities arrows and otter hide quiver. Pine pitch water proofing over sinew back. 
Bighorn sheep horn bow. 46" long 50% bighorn 50% sinew. 64 pound draw at 27 inches
Above: 1850's Shoshone style bighorn sheep bow, dogwood arrows with obsidian and barrel hoop points and brain tanned quiver sinew sewn and beaded with old color pony beads.
Above: Cave of the Warrior Bow. This is one of the oldest bows in existence. It was discovered in a 6000 year old grave site in Israel. The original bow was olive wood. This bow is osage and longer than the olive bow to get a 28" draw. The rest of the measurements and shape match the 6000 yo bow. 
Above: Yew bow 46# @ 28"
Above: Modoc style sinew backed juniper bow. Otter quiver. 
Above: Ache style bow. 87" long. 100 pound draw at 32 inches. 
The Ache are a people of the Amazon region. They make bows of ipe. I could not find any suitable ipe, so used white ash stained the color of ipe. The bow has a round cross section. I was not in shape to draw 100# @ 32" when I finished the bow. I had to draw it on a pulley tree to break it in. I was only able to draw it about 27" on my own where it drew 70#. At 27" it still cast a 650 grain arrow 220 yards. 
Above: Apache reproduction. Sinew backed mountain mahogany bow. Phragmities arrows with serviceberry fore-shafts. Unsmoked brain tanned deer hide quiver
Blackfoot Reproductio 
Above: Blackfoot reproduction set. Sinew backed yew bow. Dogwood arrows. Brain tanned deer and bison quiver
Above: Sinew backed yew Hupa replica bow and bobcat quiver. Painted with red ocher and charcoal. 40" long 52# @ 21" draw
Above: 30 3/4" Crow replica bighorn sheep bow. 68# @ 16 3/4" draw. 
Anasazi Reproduction of scrub oak. Bow is painted with black charcoal and red and grey earth pigments picked up in southern Utah. Arrows are phragmities with serviceberry fore-shafts. 
Above: Replica of a Lakota bow in the American Museum of Natural History. Sinew backed ash. 48" long 56# @ 23.5"
Above: Central California-Ishi style bow Sinew backed juniper 52.5" nock to nock. 44 pound draw at 26". Handle wrapped with brain tanned deer hide. Finished with 3 layers of tung oil and a coat of shelac. The bow holds a 4" unstrung reflex
Above: Southern Ute style bighorn sheep bow
Ipe Amazon style round cross section bow. 80# draw at 28" 86" long
Above: Heavy osage bow. 86# draw at 27"
Above: reflexed recurved sinew backed osage with snake skins and bighorn nocks.
Above: 47.5" bighorn sheep bow. 49 pound draw at 26 inches. 
"Sudbury bow" replica of hickory. 68" long 48# draw at 30"
Above: Ishi style sinew and snakeskin backed juniper.  50" long 60 pound draw at 24"
Above: Pit River style sinew backed yew. 50" long 52# @ 25"
Above: Flathead replica juniper with a heavy sinew backing. 
Ute replica buffalo hide quiver with sinew backed juniper bow and dogwood arrows
Above: 70.5" osage longbow. 
Above: Blackfoot style Bighorn sheep bow and dogwood arrows
Above: sinew backed mesquite Apache replica bow and arrows. The bow is 42" long and has a 70 pound draw at 20 inches. The string is 2 ply sinew and the arrows are cane with serviceberry foreshafts and flint points 
Above: Cheyenne style mountain lion quiver
Above: Shoshone style bighorn sheep bow and arrows. Porcupine quill work on the limbs.  This bow is 35" and has a draw of 60 pounds at 19.5" This bow is featured in Primitive Archer Magazine volume 23 issue 1 as Bow of the month winner. 
Above: Modoc bow of juniper and sinew. This bow now belongs to Chief Jefferson Greywolf-Kelley of the Modoc nation.
Above: Cherokee style black locust bow. 60" long 55# @ 27"
Above: Comanche replica bow with 3 arrows
This bow is osage. 50" long and has a draw of 48 pounds at 23.5". The string is 3 ply sinew. Horse hair tuft on the top limb. 3 arrows are dogwood shoots with wild turkey fletch and barrel hoop iron on two. The other was a large shaft reduced to leave a large wood point. Real sinew wrapping and old dye and earth paints. This design is perfect for osage. It is a very fast smooth bow. It would make a good hunting bow. Bow and arrows have been given a patina stain
Above: Crow replica bighorn sheep bow
Above: Desert bighorn sheep bow
Above:  Blackfoot style sinew backed chokecherry. 
Above: Lakota replica bow. White ash with 3 layers of elk sinew. 44 inches long. 56 pound draw at 22 inch draw. 3 ply sinew string. The left tip is wrapped with dyed porcupine quills. Arrows are replica Kiowa, Comanche and Lakota. Made of dogwood, serviceberry and wild rose.
Above: 2 Comanche replica bows. The top bow is 50 inches long and has a draw of 62 pounds at 23 inches..
The bottom is 48" long and has a draw of 64 pounds at 22"
Above: Lakota replica osage bow. 47" long, 68 pounds at 22.5"
Above: Top- Replica Lakota ash bow, 42" long, 90 pound draw at 20". Bottom: Replica Comanche osage bow. 
Above: Plains style osage bow.
Above: Arapahoe replica bow of hickory with bear fur. Arrows are replica Cheyenne, Crow and Sioux of dogwood and wild rose
Replica Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Comanche arrows of dogwood and wild rose. 
Above: Hidatsa style bighorn sheep horn bow

Left: Apache replica sinew backed hickory with arrows of wild rose and phragmities. 
Right: Cheyenne replica sinew backed hickory. Arrows are Arapahoe and Kiowa replicas of dogwood.
Top: Sioux, Middle: Blackfoot, Bottom: Crow reproduction sets

Rocky MT juniper with elk sinew backing and sturgeon skin
Above: Sinew and sablefish backed juniper
55" long. 59# draw at 25". Snaked piece of Utah juniper with 2.5 layers of elk sinew backing. The sinew back is covered with black cod skin and water moccasin. The handle and tips are wrapped with deer rawhide. The tips are water buffalo horn.
1850s style Comanche osage bow and dogwood arrows
Above: Sinew backed juniper with halibut skin backing and rawhide handle and tips
Blackfoot style sinew backed serviceberry
Miwok style sinew backed incense cedar. Mock orange arrows and bobcat quiver. 41.5"  46# @ 23" cast  177 yards
Pomo style sinew backed incense cedar with cane arrows
Pitt River style sinew backed juniper
Yew self bow
Sinew backed juniper. Sinew is applied around knot holes and covered with pitch for water proofing
Above. Blackfoot style sinew backed yew and dogwood arrow with bone point
Sinew backed Yew. 51.5"long, 70# at 25". 190  yard cast.

Blackfoot style. Dogwood arrows. Red is from pipestone dust. Black- Charcoal
Paiute style. Sinew backed juniper with cane arrows
Miwok style. Sinew backed incense cedar with oak foreshafted cane arrows
Sinew string
Cheyenne reproduction set.
Sinew backed juniper with 3 ply sinew string and 12 dogwood arrows. 
Bow is 49.5" n to n and pulls 50# at 24.5"
The quiver was made by Norbert Kohruss of www.travels-far.com
Cheyenne reproduction. 48" sinew backed juniper with dogwood arrows. 53# draw at 23". 165 yard cast.
Hupa style- 44" 44# @ 23"
Plains, Plateau, and northern California sets of juniper yew and sinew with currant and dogwood arrows
Lakota style arrows: Dogwood shafts, imitation redtail hawk and wild turkey feathers, iron points and crushed earth pigment paints. 
With matching sinew backed rocky mountain juniper bow
Chumash and Yokut style bows and arrows
Plains style rocky mountain juniper bow and dogwood arrows
Reproduction Blackfoot bow, quiver and arrows.
Sinew and snakeskin backed juniper
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