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Gallery: Available Bows

All bows on this page are currently available. 
Above: Reflexed sinew backed juniper Ishi style bow $600

This is a central California Ishi inspired bow. Made of Rocky mountain juniper sapwood and backed with 4.5 layers of elk sinew applied over 3 weeks in 3 backing sessions. The sinew is crowned in the middle of the back and tapers towards the tips making for maximum efficiency. The bow is fully finished with a application of bear grease and then 5 coats of time oil. The string is made out of natural materials(12 ply linen). The handle wrap is brain tanned deer hide. The bow measures 56" long ntn. and has a draw of 48# @ 28". The bow maintains 6" of unstrung reflex. In tests it shoots my 460 grain broadhead arrows with points 1" wide 220-225 yards. 
For more detailed pictures, questions or purchase contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650 208 9275
Above bow with full draw picture below:
Birch Bow with Bloodwood and Canary Handle and Tips- $390
This is a very smooth shooting 62 inch long birch bow. It has a 41 pound draw at 27". The handle and tips have overlays of red bloodwood and yellow canary wood over. The bow is finished with 5 applications of tung oil. The string is 10 strand B-50 endless. 
 I tested this bow with the arrow in the photos. The arrow is poplar wood with 1/2" high wild turkey feathers 5" long. The arrow weighs 441 grains(more than 10GPP) and has a 46 pound spine. I shot 10 times through a chronograph. Took away the fastest and slowest speed and averaged the other 8 shots. That was 164.3 FPS.
For questions, more photos, or purchase contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650-208-9275
White Ash Longbow- $390   $440 with 5 matching cedar arrows  

67 inches long nock to nock. Made from a nice stave of white ash. The tips are laminated padauk and ebony wood. The bow is sealed with shellac. The string is fastflight. A very smooth shooter.

The bow draws 54 pounds at 27" right now. It can be re-tillered and refinished to accommodate a draw of up to 28" at any weight under 56#

email me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650-208-9275

 Replica Arrows: $35-$45 each
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