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Reproduction Bows

All bows on this page are available. Shipping is included. Bows are shipped in protective cases and insured 
Above 5 photos- Sinew backed juniper Flathead style bow-  $590

This is a near replica of a Flathead bow obtained in Washington in the 1860s and now lives in the Smithsonian. The bow is juniper with a thick 5 layers of elk sinew. The sinew back is covered with rattlesnake skin. The tips are wrapped with cherry underbark and the handle is brain tanned deer hide. The string is 3 ply elk sinew The bow is sealed with many coats of deer grease then the wood fibers are compressed with smooth bone to give it a very smooth finish. The Flathead were known for the fine bows they made of juniper and bighorn sheep that they traded to the Blackfoot and other nearby tribes. 
  48" long 54 pound draw at 25" 
 Email me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650 208 9275 for questions. 
Above 4 photos- Southern Cheyenne style osage bow and arrows- $380

This bow is osage orange with some caricature. It has 5 knots expertly worked around and some bumps and waves in the grain. It has a setback handle and 2 ply sinew string. The 3 reproduction arrows are dogwood shoots with wild turkey fletching and iron points. The arrows are perfectly matched to fly from this bow. A very smooth shooter. 

Bow is 54 inches long 44 pound draw at 25 inches   

Contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or 650 208 9275 with any questions. 

Above 5 photos- Lakota style ash bow and arrows - $SOLD

Another powerful horse bow. This bow is white ash with a 2 ply sinew string. It has a slight double curve shape and the recessed handle and tips many Lakota(sioux) bows were known for. The bow is treated with deer grease and compressed ond smoothed with a smooth bone.  The reproduction arrows are dogwood shoots with wild turkey fletch and old barrel hoop iron points. Like all my replica arrows these have been heated and straightened. Then grooved with lightening grooves and heated again to keep them straight. this bow also includes 2 cedar target arrows for everyday shooting. The arrows are all matched to fly perfect from this bow

This bow draws 60 pounds at 23.5 inches. 

Contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or 650 208 9275 with any questions. 
Above 5 photos- Lakota reproduction sinew backed ash bow and dogwood arrows - $420
Short and powerful. A true buffalo horse bow. Made of a clean piece of white ash backed with 2 layers of elk sinew. Tips are also wrapped with sinew with a horsehair tuft on the top limb. String is 3 ply elk sinew. The arrows are dogwood shoot shafts. Heated and straitened then grooved and heated and straitened again to make sure they stay strait and fly true from this bow. Tips are iron from old barrel hoops. Feathers are wild turkey. Paint is red and yellow ocher and old laundry blueing. Feathers and tips are held on with sinew and hide glue
 44" tip to tip length. 60 pound draw at 22" 
Above: Ojibwa(Chippewa) reproduction- $390
This is a very fast shooting bow. 53.5" hickory bow with a heat treated belly. 53 pound draw at 26". It shoots regular 8.5 grain per pound cedar target arrows 174 feet per second. After 150 shots it has taken almost no set.  The shape and paint are a copy of a old Ojibwa bow. This bow was made more rectangular in cross section. The back has a cambium layer that is the brown patterns you see. The paint is red ocher, white soap stone and a green earth pigment. The bow has been sealed with 7 coats of tung oil. The string is fast flight. For a additional real sinew string add $45  
For questions contact me at   chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650 208 9275 
Otter hide quiver: $130-$250 depending on the hide
These hide sack quivers were used from central California to Washington and east into the great basin. This one is 27 inches deep and is shown with the juniper backed with sinew and pitch bow below and 15 cane great basin arrows. The eyes and mouth are sewn closed with brain tanned buckskin. The strap is brain tanned deer hide as well.
Plains barrel hoop iron points- $5 each
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