Heartwood Bows
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Gallery: Available Bows

See also "Reproduction Bows" page for Reproduction bows on hand. 
Above: Elk sinew backed osage snake bow- $490
This perfectly snaky osage stave was in my shop for 3 years before I turned it into this. It is backed with 3.5 layers of elk leg sinew and covered with Montana prairie rattler skin. The tips are Wyoming bighorn sheep horn. Handle is brain tanned deer hide. String is B-50. The bow is 50" long and has a max draw of 25" where it weighs 45 pounds. It has a fine smooth finish and is sealed with 5 coats of tung oil. I took my time making this bow letting the sinew season 8 months and finishing slow. Put the final finish on over the last month and test shot it over that time. Great shooting bow with a distinct look. If you have any questions or need to see more photos contact me at chuck@heartwoodbows.com or call 650 208 9275 

Arrows: $25-$35 each
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